Our Technologies

Our Technologies
Heuristics Australia has developed systems for intelligent decision support for utilities operations and planning.

These systems are based on Heuristics Australia's core technologies:
- The Sequence Graph Algorithm, and
- The DRHO Framework.

Sequence Graph Algorithm

The Sequence Graph Algorithm is a proprietary machine learning algorithm, which is designed to learn about sequences of events; in other words, events that occur in particular order.

In many utility SCADA applications such as intelligent alarm processing and fault diagnosis, sequence of events is a critical factor. Moreover, these sequences of events can occur in parallel, and may be arbitrarily interleaved.

The Sequence Graph Algorithm is unique in that it can automatically identify and "disentangle" sequences of events from data streams such as SCADA alarm lists. It can do so in a completely unsupervised manner: it does not require any human intervention, assistance or guidance in order to achieve this.

The output of the Sequence Graph Algorithm may be used, for example, to provide a live, continually updating knowledge base for an intelligent SCADA alarm processor, or an intelligent fault diagnostician (where classification data is annexed to the Sequence Graph's knowledge base).

DRHO Framework

The DRHO Framework is a software ecosystem of heuristic search and optimisation methods. This framework can be used to exploit intrinsic parallel and distributed characteristics of such methods, to achieve speedups on the basis of technological diversity and physical parallel processing.

The DRHO framework forms the basis of Heuristics Australia's real-time heuristic optimisation system. Although each of the heuristic methods in itself is slow, participation in this framework facilitates significant reductions in the time required to find a good or global optimum, which in turn allows the optimiser to be used in real-time applications such as the ongoing optimal dispatch of generators on a transmission system.


Heuristics Australia's philosophy of open systems and standards compliance facilitates the integration of its systems in a SCADA and application-independent manner. Heuristics Australia's systems are designed as tiered applications with open interface gateways for SCADA integration (OPC, OPC-XDA, JDBC, ODBC etc). As a result, Heuristisc Australia's systems can be readily integrated with virtually any state-of-the-art SCADA system or third party software environment.

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